Rick james

Rick Foster - Filmmaker and Storyteller

With strong ties to his family roots in Salem, Massachusetts, horror, history, and hysteria have always been central themes for Rick Foster. Born in Los Angeles, California to eclectic and eccentric parents, Rick was the first in his family to graduate from college. He charted his own path to Hollywood where he met Freddy James Jr., forming a unique partnership that launched Rick James Productions. Together, Rick and Freddy are changing the landscape of filmmaking, weaving truth, fiction, martial arts, and horror together to entertain and tantalize modern audiences. Their collaborations provide some of the most fascinating stories that draw viewers in and leave them wanting more. Rick's upbringing gave him a fascination with the hysteria and horrors of our past. With Salem in his blood, he brings a unique perspective to the thriller and horror genres. Rick's films explore the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of humanity, portraying complex characters and chilling plot lines. With a keen eye for cinematography and a gift for imaginative storytelling, Rick captivates audiences. He pulls from his formal education and experiences growing up in an eccentric environment to create visually stunning, thought- provoking films. Whether it's a psychological thriller or a jump-scare horror, Rick's movies tackle themes of hysteria, mania, and darkness across centuries of history and human experience. Driven by a passion for his craft, Rick is a leader in reinventing modern filmmaking. Along with his business partner Freddy, Rick is committed to producing content that pushes boundaries, challenges the status quo, and leaves a lasting impact on audiences. Rick Foster's unique voice and artistic vision establish him as a trailblazing and transformational force in the world of thrillers and horror. Rick Foster, has been a union member since 1978 and currently serves on the SAG-AFTRA Government Affairs and Public Policy Committee and has been appointed Commissioner by the Orange County Board of Supervisors.