Rick james

Pre-Production Films

HOTEL HELL – based on actual events. When an evil guest dies in the water supply tank her evil spirit is passed on to all who drink from the tap. Her evil ways live on in others.
THIRST: – They call her the Angel of Death – a lethal vampire assassin working for the US government. Using her supernatural abilities, Regan Jackson has terminated threats worldwide, leaving a trail of carnage in her wake.
TIJUANA GOLD:  – A mother’s desperate search for her daughter leads her into the dark underworld of human trafficking and the merciless Mexican cartels in this gritty tale of survival against impossible odds.

PA’s PPMPKINS PATCH  – In a cursed pumpkin patch, some gourds hold a terrifying secret that feeds on the flesh of the innocent.

BENEDICT CANYON  – Terror stalks the winding road where old curses and modern evils collide.

Pre-Production Shorts

PENTAGON HOUSE OF HORRORS  – Death wears stilettos in this bloody tale of a deadly femme fatale and her gruesome Pentagon handlers.

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Current Films